Avitecture ARVi Wirelessly Sends Audio and Video from Your Laptop, Tablet, or SmartPhone, to the Big Screen

The Avitecture© ARVi© brings the power and the benefits of a fully wired conference room using your current infrastructure. ARVi integrates as a console; there is no need to core-drill your floor, reinforce your walls, or damage existing furnishings for the installation. ARVi is powerful, yet flexible, and is an entirely user-friendly platform. Deploying ARVi is easy. Connect, communicate and collaborate.

Wireless video and audio
Compatible with PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone with wireless keyboard
Video conferencing
Audio conferencing
Computer Presentations
Crystal clear sound
70” or larger HD Monitor
Wide Choice of Finishes
One-day installation

For more information about Avitecture ARVi, please see the ARVi User Manual.

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