Avitecture has partnered with Thinklogical

Avitecture, a leading solutions provider for integrated AV-IT solutions and support, announced today that it has partnered with Thinklogical to deliver Thinklogical’s market-leading fiber-based KVM and video extension and routing solutions to Avitecture customers.


As more and more organizations and businesses depend on zero latency transmission of mission critical content, fiber-optic solutions provide the fastest, most secure and efficient means of transporting data between multiple points. With the highest bandwidth in the industry, Thinklogical’s KVM and video extension and routing solutions are designed to perform to the highest standards of security, throughput and reliability and can be found within the most complex and sensitive government and commercial installations in the world. Thinklogical’s video and KVM extender line of products utilize sophisticated patent-pending fiber-based technology to deliver pristine video quality, with desktop peripherals and network extension over distances up to 40 km.

The Thinklogical product portfolio spans a wide range of solutions from KVM routing and extension systems, to image processing and conversion products, to secure console server management, and camera extension products. Through this partnership, Avitecture professionals will be trained and certified to sell, install, configure and support Thinklogical products.

“Thinklogical builds excellent products and provides an uncompromising level of support to Avitecture.” said Bruce Pittman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Avitecture. “When we need the world’s highest bandwidth and fully accredited video and KVM switching, we turn to Thinklogical.” Visit their website at www.thinklogical.com