The Hottest AV Trends in 2017

Spring is here already. It’s hard to believe the first quarter of 2017 is gone and behind us, but we’re excited by forthcoming opportunities to empower colleges and universities, corporations, and small businesses, too, with new audiovisual technology systems that make possible and enhance presentation capabilities and sharing information. 

We’re honored that Avitecture successfully completed several projects for wonderful clients already, in 2017. We’re looking forward to finishing many more projects before year’s end, each unique, but sharing common elements.


Cables and cords, be gone. From corporate retreats to the college classroom, business consumers of audiovisual technology are demanding connectivity that is more flexible and portable too. Wireless mirroring devices enable university professors to operate a desktop or laptop computer remotely, from anywhere in the room. Gone are the days of being stuck behind a podium or at a desk to communicate and collaborate in real-time.

Mobile Apps

With wireless to thank. New methods for user-authentication mean it’s no longer necessary to design conference or event space with a hardwired control panel. With a mobile app and a few keystrokes, users can turn on the lights, start a meeting, make a conference call, and show a presentation, all without ever leaving the table, lectern or desk.

Live Streaming

Everyone in between wants the capability to stream live video. Avitecture offers the streaming solutions companies need to produce the videos your audience will love. Through webcasting, you have the potential to reach anyone remotely; all a participant needs is access to the internet. Other benefits include reduced travel costs, convenience to watch where and when you want, and better connection with your audience. Share your live streams with your viewers or archive them for later viewing.

The Video Wall for Video Streaming

In large lecture halls, the airport concourse, or in the lobby of a major corporate headquarters, large, customizable video walls provide all the information viewers need, fast, and conveniently. You can guide people in the right direction and encourage them to interact with media in new and innovative ways. Our clients who have installed this technology love it. A video wall has the power to speak thousands of words. 

Browser-based video conferencing

Browser-based cloud video conferencing is ever more popular. There is an increasing demand to keep peripherals, boxes, and accessories out of sight in conference rooms and collaboration spaces. To minimize hardware clutter, Avitecture has installed converged, all-in-one, computer-run systems. Scalable and future-ready hardware is integrated. Cloud-driven software updates are quick, anodyne, and often less costly than previous methods