Avitecture Partners with Green Flash Brewing Company

Avitecture, Inc. is pleased to announce its recent collaboration with Green Flash Brewing Company to furnish and install audiovisual systems for Green Flash’s new location and retail store. The San Diego-based purveyors of craft beer sought a partner to provide and service audiovisual programs and equipment emulating its California locations.

“Requiring audio and visual support in the brewery, the beer garden, a large tasting room and an event room as well, the Green Flash project was complex and a challenge for our team,” said Greg Boyd, president of Avitecture, “We’re well known for our imagination and creativity; our precision; and our craftsmanship. Our commitment to excellence resulted in yet another success and a satisfied client. ”

To realize Green Flash’s vision, Avitecture developed a four-part integrated audiovisual and information technology solution.

  • In the large tasting room, an audio system comprising of a wireless handheld microphone, a stereo mixer, an amplifier, and ceiling-mounted pendant speakers

  • In the event room, a large projection screen and projector, a stereo mixer, two handheld microphones, ceiling-mounted pendant speakers, and HDMI as well as audio connectivity

  • In the beer garden, 10 hidden speakers that cast music from the large tasting room

  • In the brewery touring area, a handheld microphone and a powered speaker to serve each of five stations. These microphones were configured to automatically interrupt music channel playing when switched to ON.

Green Flash Brewing Company was founded in 2002 by Mike and Lisa Hinkley and in the years since has become one of San Diego’s favorite beer-makers. With a portfolio of specialty craft ales, including the popular West Coast IPA, Green Flash produces experimental, limited-edition and seasonal offerings in addition to a solid lineup of long-time favorites.