Questar Video Wall System

Client’s Challenge

For its new 44-story condominium complex in Baltimore, Maryland, Questar Properties included a full acre of amenities on the seventh floor deck. Overlooking Baltimore’s scenic Inner Harbor, the deck has a swimming pool, open turf areas, a bar, and a lush landscape of planters and trees. The highlight of this extraordinary luxury is a two-sided outdoor LED display which Avitecture helped design and install.

The challenge was to provide a durable, functional, user-friendly system for easy viewing outdoors.

Avitecture’s Solution

Avitecture ensured that the video wall featured its own complement of video sources, including professional Blu-ray players, Apple TV streaming players, BrightSign digital signage players, and TV tuners. Each of these sources can play on its designated video wall or on both walls. A pair of all-weather, high-fidelity speakers are flush-mounted into each side of the video wall.


Designed for outdoor applications, each video display is 16 feet wide by nine feet tall, and is so bright, that it provides great viewing in direct sunlight.

The background music audio system uses specialized outdoor speakers concealed in planters throughout the rooftop deck. These planter speakers are wired in multiple zones to allow users to define what locations get supplemental music and to control the volume in each zone. A full selection of audio and video sources is rack-mounted in a nearby equipment room.

Avitecture designed the control system which has a rack-mounted touch screen and a portable Apple iPad to control all elements of the rooftop deck system. Power conditioners and uninterruptable power supplies protect the equipment in the AV rack from power irregularities.


Questar Properties was delighted with Avitecture’s system which has become a showpiece for potential residents and has added much value and appeal to this high-end condominium.