Developing a digital presentation is a superb way to convey information

Incorporating all of your data and images onto one, easy-to-read file is important not only for the audience to understand your project, but it will help in ease of presentation as well. For a successful digital presentation, follow these tips.

Select the right software

It is important that you use the newest software available, to ensure your presentation looks modern, fresh, and up-to-date. You will want to stay away from anything that looks dated. If your presentation looks old, you lose credibility and relevance.

Always let the readers know where you are

Cramming too much information into one slide makes it hard to read and understand. To keep the readers informed of your place in the presentation, make sure to always have large headings, titles, and bulleted subtext. As a general rule, a slide should have just a few thoughts and ideas to keep you on track, not long-winded sentences.

Don’t overuse special effects

While some effects can be pleasing to look at, too many can be overwhelming and distracting. You want your readers to focus on your presentation, and sound effects, moving images, and bright graphics will take the attention away from your message.

The 6 x 6 rule. Less is more

When planning out your slides, follow the 6 x 6 rule: no more than six words to a line and six lines on a slide. More text than this can look crammed and unprofessional. Less is more.

When in doubt, go bigger

You want your presentation to reach every member of your audience, and you need to ensure the people in back row can see just as well as in the front row. Use the largest and easiest to read fonts.

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