Avitecture® is the Choice for Integrated Audiovisual Solutions and Support

Avitecture® is the word for who we are and what we do: audiovisual, video, integration, technology, electronics, collaboration, teleconferencing, unified communications, responsiveness, excellence. Our solutions provide our clients with reliability, performance, flexibility, efficiency, and value.

Visual Environments

  1. Video Projection - Front and Rear

  2. Screens

  3. Flat Panels

  4. Video Walls - LCD and Direct-View LED

  5. Multi-Image Video Processing

  6. 3-D and Simulation

  7. 4K and UHD

Unified Communications

  1. Video Teleconferencing

  2. TelePresence

  3. Audio Teleconferencing

  4. Desktop and Mobile Video Teleconferencing

  5. Conferencing Infrastructure and Bridging


Collaborative Tools

  1. Interactive Displays

  2. Audience Response Systems

  3. Distance Conferencing

  4. Data Sharing

  5. Video and Audio Capture Systems

  6. Wireless Video and Audio Systems

  7. Collaboration Software Solutions

Audio Environments

  1. Program Audio

  2. Paging and Sound Masking

  3. Discussion and Audio Conferencing

  4. Interpretation and Translation

  5. Performance and Live Installed Sound

  6. Voice Lift and Reinforcement


Digital Signage

  1. IPTV

  2. Streaming

  3. Way Finding

  4. Emergency and Evacuation Notification Systems


  1. Lecterns

  2. Tables

  3. Room Scheduling

  4. Custom Millwork

  5. Equipment Racks

  6. Credenzas


Structured Cabling

  1. Category 5E to Category 6A Copper Networks

  2. Multi-mode and Single Mode Fiber Optic Networks

  3. Coaxial Networks

  4. CATV

  5. CAD Design

Service and Support

  1. ASSET Staffing and Audiovisual Staffing

  2. 24-7-365 On-Call Emergency Support

  3. Ability to Work in Secure Spaces

  4. Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance