Avitecture Case Study: Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

Client’s Challenge

Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, the nation’s only national park for the performing arts, is a majestic natural setting, in suburban Washington, DC, for over 100 performances across all genres every summer. Home to the architecturally stunning Filene Center, the 117-acre Park offers dining and hospitality amenities throughout the summer season and year-round recreational opportunities, including hiking trails, picnic areas, and sledding.

Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts is the official partner to the National Park Service in providing concert and performance programming within the Park. As a nonprofit organization, Wolf Trap Foundation is dedicated to creating excellent performing arts experiences for the enrichment, education, and enjoyment of diverse audiences.

For the summer 2018 season, The Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts engaged Avitecture to enhance their existing audiovisual design with modern, accessible technology that would showcase the brilliance of an artist’s performance. A new control room was essential because the Filene Center, Wolf Trap’s grand wooden amphitheater, lacked a control room or any other way to coordinate the AV system.

Avitecture’s Solution

Avitecture designed a fully functional space to access and control their new equipment. A two-person control room to coordinate the main camera operation was built to Avitecture’s specifications for the new systems.

One person can control up to ten cameras using a Panasonic camera controller; the Production Director can control a Panasonic switcher and can select the images that would broadcast on several large LED screens located above the stage for the audience.


All control of the cameras and video switching occurs one level below the stage. With the canteen area enclosed, a countertop work surface was added, into which all camera video and control feeds were routed. Fiber optic connections were used for long-distance runs. The same camera shots that are shared on the large displays also give system operators many viewpoints, both in the house and behind the curtain, to assist in coordination. Two wall monitors are located within the room; both receive multi-view images from Panasonic switching equipment.Though some events require only the built-in system, Wolf Trap wanted flexibility to accommodate other set-ups as well. Some shows bring their own production equipment; occasionally more cameras are required. Avitecture designed the system so that the installed cameras can be routed to temporary head end equipment. A large empty conduit was run from the stage to the production room for temporary cabling as various needs arise. The routing system can also accommodate additional cameras to be connected to the installed head end. 


After thorough testing and commissioning with Wolf Trap’s production crew members, Avitecture’s system went into immediate use to enhance the visitor experience during the 2018 summer season and was well received. The new installations have enhanced the viewing experience of hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Avitecture Case Study: Questar Video Wall System

Client’s Challenge

For its new 44-story condominium complex in Baltimore, Maryland, Questar Properties included a full acre of amenities on the seventh floor deck. Overlooking Baltimore’s scenic Inner Harbor, the deck has a swimming pool, open turf areas, a bar, and a lush landscape of planters and trees. The highlight of this extraordinary luxury is a two-sided outdoor LED display which Avitecture helped design and install.

The challenge was to provide a durable, functional, user-friendly system for easy viewing outdoors.

Avitecture’s Solution

Avitecture ensured that the video wall featured its own complement of video sources, including professional Blu-ray players, Apple TV streaming players, BrightSign digital signage players, and TV tuners. Each of these sources can play on its designated video wall or on both walls. A pair of all-weather, high-fidelity speakers are flush-mounted into each side of the video wall.

Designed for outdoor applications, each video display is 16 feet wide by nine feet tall, and is so bright, that it provides great viewing in direct sunlight.

The background music audio system uses specialized outdoor speakers concealed in planters throughout the rooftop deck. These planter speakers are wired in multiple zones to allow users to define what locations get supplemental music and to control the volume in each zone. A full selection of audio and video sources is rack-mounted in a nearby equipment room.

Avitecture designed the control system which has a rack-mounted touch screen and a portable Apple iPad to control all elements of the rooftop deck system. Power conditioners and uninterruptable power supplies attention protect the equipment in the AV rack from power irregularities.


Questar Properties was delighted with Avitecture’s system which has become a showpiece for potential residents and has added much value and appeal to this high-end condominium.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 10.11.27 AM.png

Avitecture Case Study: Intermarkets, Reston, Virginia

Avitecture’s Challenge

Intermarkets is a rapidly expanding digital media company, representing some of the largest online news, commentary, and political website publishers. Its new headquarters needed AV-IT capabilities to share and present information. The AV-IT systems had to serve Intermarkets’s functional requirements in each space and be harmonious with the building’s modern, boldly graphical architecture.

Avitecture’s Solution

A carefully planned suite of video displays, audio reinforcement, and powerful, user-friendly controls enable Intermarkets to display websites, performance dashboards, view TV programs, and ad hoc presentations.

The largest conference room and the executive conference room feature sleek white glass tables where Avitecture installed white Shure MXA microphones that provide excellent audio for conference calls and complement the table. We programmed the microphones LED ring light to match the color of the client’s logo, blue when active and orange when muted. These two conference rooms feature large screen displays, wireless Barco Clickshare for laptop connection as well as concealed wired laptop inputs and simple AV control using Crestron touchscreens.

For special events and background music, Sonos Bluetooth receivers are connected to zoned ceiling speakers in the main conference room, the lunchroom area, and the CEO’s office.

In other spaces, Avitecture AV-IT solutions offer many benefits.

  • 55″ Newline X5 touchscreen for web-conferencing and interactive presentations in one mid-size conference room

  • A six-screen videowall layout for the Sales-Advertising area to display websites, performance dashboards, TV viewing and ad-hoc presentations

  • Two huddle booths of a unique design with both a desktop monitor for wired laptop display and a whiteboard

  • The Reception seating area has a Planar 86″ 4K monitor capable of displaying four HD computer or TV images in a seamless videowall format or a single ultra-high resolution image. This monitor is connected to two TV tuners and to two Intermarkets’s computers as well as to a built-in networked digital signage player.

  • Monitors inset into rough-cut stone columns in the lunchroom

  • The CEO’s office has a four-screen video wall layout for display of his desktop computer, two computers in the credenza for website and dashboard viewing and several TV tuners. A wired Crestron control touchscreen can be connected either at the credenza or at his desk. Music can be distributed by a Sonus Bluetooth receiver or a wired connection at the credenza.

  • Four TVs mounted tightly side-by-side and connected to a compact four-output computer allow the staff in the Strategic Media division to monitor web-site and dashboards.

  • Many offices and mid-size conference rooms are equipped with monitors for both computer and TV viewing.

The Success Story

Intermarkets fulfills its mission to serve its clients with the power of Avitecture AV-IT systems. 


Avitecture Case Study: Sheldon Hall, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland

The Challenge

The Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health is the first institution of its kind worldwide and the largest school of public health in the world.

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is dedicated to the improvement of health through discovery, dissemination, and translation of knowledge and the education of a diverse global community of research scientists and public health professionals.

Sheldon Hall, a large lecture hall at the renowned Bloomberg School of Public Health, had aging AV technology incapable of meeting the School’s requirements and in need of an upgrade to a digital platform. Avitecture was engaged to perform a full technology refresh. The AV systems accommodate basic presentation capabilities, recording, streaming and video production. Because the School’s AV staff required both manual and automatic room control, Avitecture provided full operator surfaces for both audio and video operation. The site’s high fit and finish demanded great care as the new technology was installed.

The Avitecture Solution

An NEC 7,500-lumen projector in the control room at the rear of the hall provides bright, high-resolution images. A Crestron Digital Media Matrix switch offers full video routing capability of presentation sources. Three Sony PTZ cameras capture in-room action for recording or streaming. A Biamp digital signal processor teamed with a Behringer digital mixing console allows for fully automatic or fully manual audio control. All video production is centered around the Newtek TriCaster. A fully integrated Crestron control system with easy-to-use custom touch panels allows both operators and users to manage functions.

A Crestron Digital Media switching system presentation matrix accepts both digital and analog inputs and presents all signals in digital format to displays. A lectern-mounted transmitter accepts signals from a dedicated lectern PC and from lectern laptops outputting either VGA, DVI-I or HDMI signal types. The lectern’s interactive display has full touch control and annotation over the dedicated lectern PC and serves as a preview monitor of the lectern PC. Laptops rely on the built-in laptop monitor for the presenter’s preview. The separate notes mode in PowerPoint allows the local monitor to display presenter notes that the room audience will not see.

Three new high definition pan-tilt-zoom robotic cameras link directly to a NewTech TriCaster 460 which has two production-grade video monitors and can switch and control the cameras. Two outputs from the presentation switch will be made available as a TriCaster input. The TriCaster has an external one terabyte hard-drive for video storage.

Shure UR4D+ UHF Wireless microphone system...

A 7.1 surround sound processor...

QSC CXD4.2 four-channel digital amplifiers drive loudspeakers with a continuous power at 8ohms of 400 watts/channel.

A new central control processor will be provided as well as a new wired and wireless touch panel.

The Success Story

Avitecture’s AV-IT system in Sheldon Hall helps to enable faculty, students, and staff to fulfill the the Bloomberg School’s mission to advance research, education and practice to create solutions to public health problems around the world. 


Avitecture Success Story: K2M Complex Spine Innovations

K2M Group Holdings, Inc. is a global leader of complex spine and minimally invasive solutions focused on achieving three-dimensional Total Body Balance™. Since its inception, K2M has designed, developed, and commercialized innovative complex spine and minimally invasive spine technologies and techniques used by spine surgeons to treat some of the most complicated spinal pathologies. Avitecture was doubly honored to work with K2M and with Miller, Beam & Paganelli (MBP) which designed the AV systems.


Executing MBP’s design and installing audiovisual systems for K2M’s new office building and production building in time for K2M’s grand opening.


K2M wanted powerful, easy-to-manage, and reliable audiovisual presentation systems integrated with K2M’s IT systems to show visitors manufacturing, to train employees, and to present and share information during meetings as well as for sound masking, paging, and background music.


Avitecture outfitted K2M’s new headquarters and manufacturing building with audiovisual systems consisting of dozens of flat-panel displays; projectors and screens; a state-of-the-art matrix switching system; a complete audio system with digital signal processors, amplifiers, speakers and microphones; cameras that had to be customized for the cadaver tables; touch screens to operate the various systems and sound masking throughout both buildings. 


Avitecture Creates Unique Video Wall for National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society, the world-renowned not-for-profit scientific and educational institution, collaborated with Avitecture© to design and create a new video wall exhibit, an enormous Video Magazine that emulates the iconic National Geographic Magazine for the main entrance of the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC. Opened to the public in April 2017, Avitecture’s innovative and impressive video wall has met with widespread acclaim.

To bring the magazine to life, Avitecture designed a unique, giant, electronic Video Magazine as a permanent fixture in the museum’s main entrance. Visitors entering the lobby immediately encounter the imposing 14-foot high by 7-foot wide (4.3 m x 2.1 m) Video Magazine that weighs 1,400 pounds (636 kg). A sturdy metal yellow frame holds four Planar LookThru 55-inch transparent OLED video panels for optimal viewing of National Geographic’s extraordinary videos. These remarkable transparent panels allow light to pass through them, preventing shadows in the lobby rotunda.

Custom designed 2 x 2 LookThru Video wall framed in the Iconic magazine logo.

A Tannoy Arena high-fidelity loudspeaker, concealed within the frame, projects audio to the area in front of the Video Magazine. Four synchronized BrightSign media players, signal extenders, and a Crestron control system complete the system and are housed in a remotely located equipment rack.


The polished circular base of the video wall was specially designed to reflect the image of National Geographic’s famous globe from the floor onto the base. Twenty–four pieces were bolted to secure and harmonize the base to the display with the original floor design.

The innovative design of the Video Magazine placed a priority on reliable long-term operation and ease of service. National Geographic’s videos are played 12 to 16 hours daily.

Advisory Board Company Conference Center

The Advisory Board Company Conference Center has five conference rooms, each with its own Avitecture AV system for the Board’s specific requirements. This divisible conference room space can easily accommodate any room layout without AV set-up. Ceiling microphones, loudspeakers and three pan-tilt-zoom cameras enable audio and video conferencing. For flexibility, an advanced digital switcher, connected both to the wired and to the wireless computer presentation systems, can route any source to any display. The AV racks are fitted into the millwork. Avitecture created effective fan-cooling and cable management in the small spaces for the AV equipment. Wall-mounted 12-inch touch screens and wireless Apple© iPads control the AV system. Avitecture met both the client’s and the architect’s exacting, challenging goals for easy-to-use, high-performance AV seamlessly integrated with the room’s striking elegance.

Advisory Board Company's Videowall

The member wall consists of glass crystals with member names inscribed. A control panel allows guests to find their company on the wall.

The member wall consists of glass crystals with member names inscribed. A control panel allows guests to find their company on the wall.

As the Advisory Board Company’s centerpiece in their new Conference Center in Washington, DC, this Avitecture videowall, four-feet high and 54-feet long, extends across the entire central section of the Conference Center. The videowall sits flush within a massive slate wall, with minimal clearance between the edge of the displays and the stone. Because the architect’s specifications called for the seams of the slate to align exactly with the videowall’s 3.7mm mullions, Avitecture created exacting, scaled drawings to guide the cutting of the large slate panels. Built of stone, fabric and video displays, the wall appears as an organic entity. A powerful video processor, holding customized content, provides pre-made content and supports overflow functions from the adjoining conference room. The Board’s display system showcases Avitecture’s expertise and ability to coordinate successfully with many diverse trades.

The gathering area also acts as overflow for the seminar room. Content can be sent to the video wall and audio plays from in-ceiling speaker systems.

The gathering area also acts as overflow for the seminar room. Content can be sent to the video wall and audio plays from in-ceiling speaker systems.

The larger of two stand-alone conference rooms is equipped with a 90-inch Sharp display

The larger of two stand-alone conference rooms is equipped with a 90-inch Sharp display

A divisible conference room with movable furniture can be oriented toward a display screen, a projection screen, or parted by a sky fold to create two separate conference areas.

A divisible conference room with movable furniture can be oriented toward a display screen, a projection screen, or parted by a sky fold to create two separate conference areas.

A seminar area with step-seating holds up to 80 guests, while dual projection screens provide content. In-ceiling speakers carry content and speaker audio to the back of the seminar space. A Beyerdynamic wireless Quinta Delegate system using the Revoluto microphone technology provides support for audio conferencing, video-conferencing and in-room voice reinforcement.

A seminar area with step-seating holds up to 80 guests, while dual projection screens provide content. In-ceiling speakers carry content and speaker audio to the back of the seminar space. A Beyerdynamic wireless Quinta Delegate system using the Revoluto microphone technology provides support for audio conferencing, video-conferencing and in-room voice reinforcement.

Two display screens provide the speaker visuals of what appears on-screen.

Two display screens provide the speaker visuals of what appears on-screen.

Command and Control Center


Interpol, the world¹s largest international police organization, with 190 member countries, uses high-performance Avitecture AV systems in its Washington, DC headquarters for meetings with simultaneous translation and for training. The Command Center features a high-resolution, 3-high x 9-wide Christie MicroTile videowall. Five 60″ LCD monitors mounted on custom floor-to-ceiling pole brackets around the perimeter of this room enable viewing throughout the room. The system provides full digital matrix switching of 36 computer and HD video inputs to all displays as well as inter-room connectivity. A conference area within the Command Center has a SMART interactive overlay, used with a 60″ monitor, to allow annotation and interaction with the data.

Two rooms used for videoconferencing and meetings each have dual 60″ monitors along with easy to use, highly flexible digital and analog computer and video routing. These rooms can both send and receive video and audio signals from the Command Center.


A training room has a simultaneous translation audio system so that Interpol can use it for both executive meetings and for training sessions. Infrared delegate microphone stations provide secure voice reinforcement for all participants as well as up to four language translation channels. A dual-screen projection system with HD high-brightness projectors and three HD cameras allows high-quality viewing and recording of training sessions and meetings. AMX touchscreens and keypads provide full control of the AV systems in each room.

National Geographic Society Museum

An eye-catching videowall, provided by Avitecture, at the National Geographic Society Museum, in Washington, DC, presents a larger-than-life picture of the many facets of our world. The striking layout of 12 video displays, offset in three rows, maximizes the impact of the National Geographic Society’s world-famous visual content. Avitecture installed and supports this videowall.

See National Geographic Video Wall Encapsulates ‘Everything That’s Beautiful’ blog article.


Claude Moore Medical Education Building

The University of Virginia’s Claude Moore Medical Education Building is visually striking and has a state-of-the-art audiovisual system to assist the University of Virginia School of Medicine in attracting the best and brightest medical students and in ensuring them of an education informed by the latest teaching methods and technologies. The building supports a focus on clinical medical education that fosters collaboration, builds patient care skills, and teaches appropriate use of information technology in the clinic. Audiovisual technology systems play a key role in the learning environments housed in the facility.


Rosendin Electric, Sterling, Virginia Office, 2018

The Challenge

Rosendin Electric is a nationwide electrical contractor with locations throughout the United States. The company recently moved its Sterling, Virginia location to a much larger warehouse-type space. This extensive project included three large conference rooms, one large training room, 18 offices, one multi-purpose lounge, four huddle rooms, a reception area, and 11 room-scheduling panels.

The challenge was to transform this enormous warehouse space, with its thirty-foot ceilings, into a high-performance AV-IT space.

The Avitecture Solution

Avitecture integrated Rosendin Electric’s corporate standard for AV-IT equipment and functionality into each room for maximal performance and easy use. Avitecture worked with the Rosendin team, their project manager, Jerry Reich, and with Form Architects to design a comprehensive AV-IT system to support the requirements.

The highlights are dual-screen conference rooms with Cisco Video-Conferencing, including the innovative Cisco SpeakerTrack 60 dual-camera system in the Executive conference room. Each conference room is equipped with flush-mounted Shure MXA910 ceiling microphones for excellent audio quality in both video conferencing and audio conferencing sessions. Most rooms and offices have wired laptop table connections to complement the Crestron AirMedia wireless connections.

The spacious, visually striking lounge provides capabilities for TV viewing, ad-hoc computer presentations using Crestron AirMedia, and background music playback. Each huddle room is easy to use and has a large table providing ample space for drawing sets, laptops, and other materials.

The Success Story

The fit and finish of Avitecture’s work exceeded Rosendin Electric’s expectations. With a clean and smart layout, Avitecture’s thorough attention to detail insured that the AV-IT equipment was properly integrated into each space and had important benefits for superior collaboration and productivity, a hallmark of Avitecture.



Dramatic Outdoor Video Space

The BioWall is an outdoor public space in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland for public enlightenment and entertainment. Avitecture designed, furnished, installed and now supports this unique, sliding, state-of-the-art, 16’ x 9’, HD video display. Offering a platform to educators, artists, students, scientists, and the community, the BioWall exists through the generosity of United Therapeutics Corporation, which specializes in manufacturing medicines to treat the rare disease pulmonary arterial hypertension. The BioWall operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


American Association for Justice Headquarters

When the American Association for Justice needed professional consultation and planning for their new headquarters in Washington, DC, near the Verizon Center, Staubach, now Jones Lang LaSalle, engaged Avitecture to conduct a needs analysis for AAJ’s audiovisual requirements. That project resulted in Avitecture’s designing, installing and supporting the audiovisual systems in seven rooms on several floors. The audiovisual systems are found in computer training rooms, a divisible conference room, the lobby display, and AAJ’s boardroom.


Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center and Smith Education Center at Monticello


For the Thomas Jefferson Foundation’s award-winning Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center and Smith Education Center at Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of the nation’s third president, Avitecture provided full design services for the Orientation Theater and Gallery Building, Lobby, Liberty Gallery, and other gallery spaces. Working closely with Ayers Saint Gross, the architect, and with Staples and Charles, the exhibit designer, Avitecture designed and integrated an advanced audiovisual system that provides the visitor with a rich and exciting experience.

In the Michelle Smith Gallery, the Boisterous Sea of Liberty, with 21 vertically-arrayed flat panel displays, including seven touch panels, give visitors access to more than 250 image and text displays related to political, religious and intellectual freedom.


The Words of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts literally come to light in this high-tech display that is as much a work of art as a vehicle for providing information. Inlaid into the bluestone floor of the Stacy Smith Liss Gallery are words – America, The Arts, Conduct, Education, Government, Knowledge, Liberty, Monticello, Progress, Reason, Religion, Rights, Science, Slavery, and Thomas Jefferson – that capture the broad scope of Jefferson’s ideas. When a visitor steps on one of the words, key phrases from a quotation related to that word are projected in light at his or her feet. Then, phrase by phrase, the full quotation moves across the floor and is projected on a wall.

Approximately 200 quotations by and about Jefferson appear in The Words of Thomas Jefferson. The words are displayed exactly as Jefferson wrote them, complete with his idiosyncratic spelling and punctuation, as transcribed by the editors of The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series.

The digital technology of The Words of Thomas Jefferson was developed specifically for the exhibition by the Small Design Firm of Cambridge, Mass.

Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum

Avitecture completed the design and installation of the state-of-the art multimedia systems at the New Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.

Inaugurated in a solemn ceremony attended by hundreds of heads of state, government officials, intellectuals, Nobel prize winners, and dignitaries from 40 nations, the new museum opened on March 15, 2005. As many as 10,000 visitors a day have toured the museum. Avitecture worked under a direct contract with Yad Vashem and teamed with BARKAI Benny Brookstein Ltd.

Yad Vashem is the Jewish people’s memorial to the six million Jews murdered between 1939 and 1945. Containing the world’s largest repository of information on the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is a leader in Shoah (Hebrew for “holocaust”) education, commemoration, research, and documentation. A visit is a powerful, multi-sensory experience.

Designed by Moshe Safdie Associates Ltd., the New Holocaust History Museum was a decade in the making and cost nearly $40,000,000. The museum is a concrete prism, 59-feet high and 660-feet long and occupying over 47,000 square feet, that cuts through the Yad Vashem hillside. A network of eleven, underground galleries, lit by skylights, runs the length of the structure. Avitecture integrated audio-video systems with information technology to enable AV displays in each gallery to show film clips, survivors’ stories, and short documentaries. The Holocaust History Museum is thought to be one of the world’s most AV-intensive museums. More than 140 flat-panel displays for 130 streams of video are fully integrated into the exhibit. At the entrance to the museum, visitors see Michal Rovner’s video art projected onto an unique, 43-foot high triangular screen. Dozens of projectors are used in the galleries. Control equipment is sited in control rooms with distribution by CAT-5 cabling. The museum’s AV systems are incorporated into Yad Vashem’s information technology system.

“Avitecture is honored to have helped in implementing Yad Vashem’s mission,” said Sidney L. Lissner, president of Avitecture “Working with Yad Vashem was an enlightening experience.”

Dorit Harel designed the exhibits. Ruhama Hammer was Yad Vashem’s AV consultant.


Volkswagen Group of America's Showroom, Atrium, and Divisible Conference Room

Volkswagen Group of America’s new national headquarters building in Herndon, Virginia, a suburban of Washington, DC, has several distinctive applications of audiovisual technology, thanks to Avitecture Working with Jones Lang LaSalle to outfit and integrate Volkswagen Group of America’s new headquarters audiovisual systems, Avitecture installed three 103” plasma displays in the six-story atrium plus a fourth 103”. The Volkswagen and Audi showrooms, atrium, and divisible conference room all have been designed, installed, coordinated, trained are supported by Avitecture


AARP National Headquarters

AARP engaged Avitecture for its Space Realignment Project, an ongoing project for renovating up to 80 conference rooms in several AARP buildings. Most conference rooms include basic presentation capabilities with ceiling-mounted projectors or flat panel displays, playback of DVDs, audio conferencing, a program-sound system, and media control system. Several of the rooms also include high-definition videoconferencing systems. For AARP’s national headquarters in Washington, DC, Avitecture upgraded a suite of offices, including the Board Room, Brickfield Center, and Executive Conference Room. Each space enjoys powerful presentation capabilities through high-resolution rear projection, high-definition videoconferencing, integrated audio conferencing, and a media control system. The Brickfield Center also includes the ability to tie into the existing production system for live events.


The Holocaust History Center at the Jewish History Museum, Tucson, Arizona

The Holocaust History Center at the Jewish History Museum, Tucson, Arizona, is an educational institution dedicated to an ongoing examination of the Holocaust through the lived experiences of people who survived the war and later lived in southern Arizona. More than 260 people from 18 nations have been identified as those who were persecuted by Nazism, survived, and later arrived in southern Arizona. They have contributed to the community in numerous ways and are highlighted in the Center’s examination of this complex history. The Holocaust History Center is committed to illuminating contemporary human rights abuses as they occur.

Avitecture designed and furnished the AV system for the Holocaust History Center.


President Lincoln’s Cottage - At The Soldier's Home

On the grounds of President Lincoln’s Cottage, in the Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center, Avitecture installed large, interactive flat-panel displays. After a $15 million restoration by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, President Lincoln’s Cottage, located on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC, is open to the public for the first time, giving Americans an intimate view of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and family life. From June through November, 1862–1864, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln and his family lived at the Soldiers’ Home in Washington, DC.

Avitecture integrated systems in the Visitor Education Center with exhibits that bring to life the history of the Soldiers’ Home, wartime Washington, and President Lincoln’s extraordinary leadership. A special exhibition gallery presents rotating displays of objects related to Lincoln and his legacy. In “Lincoln’s Cabinet Room,” visitors can participate in an innovative interactive experience exploring Lincoln’s toughest decisions related to emancipation, politics, and military affairs. In the center’s orientation theater, a small space, Avitecture’s innovative solution to display the largest possible images was to place three vertically-mounted projectors, fed by three video servers, to project in concert images on rolled-down window shades. When the window shades are rolled up, visitors see the cottage itself across the street.


George Mason University Hylton Performing Arts Center

At George Mason University’s new 85,000 square-foot Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas, Virginia, audiences enjoy the performing arts in state-of-the-art theaters and public spaces equipped through Avitecture audio, and video systems.

Merchant Hall is an elegantly styled 1,121-seat opera house with a 100-foot stage and orchestra pit. Its clever design provides every audience member an intimate experience and the perfect setting for a variety of genres, such as symphonies, dance, opera and theater.

The Gregory Family Theater offers a flexible 270-seating arrangement making it ideal for dance, theater, cabaret and chamber groups. With an open floor plan, it is an optimal choice for customizing special events.
The Didlake Grand Foyer is a two-story lobby with a full glass front for plenty of natural light that seats over 200 for dinner and holds over 500 for receptions.

The Buchanan Partners Gallery on the second floor of the lobby serves as a focal point to showcase works by local and regional visual artists and adds yet another artistic element to the Didlake Grand Foyer.


Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church Sanctuary

Worshipers at Washington DC’s historic Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church can enjoy clear, bright visual projections and crystal clear sound in the church’s main sanctuary, graced with marble and stained glass, thanks to an Avitecture multimedia system, artfully integrated with the architecture of this house of worship, constructed in 1917. The state-of-the-art technology provides complete remote control from the pulpit and from the gallery and yet is virtually invisible to worshipers.


Accenture Conference Room

Avitecture built the Idea Exchange Center, a multi-room facility that provides an innovative backdrop for this international consulting firm to communicate its capabilities to clients.


America Online (AOL) Auditorium

For more than a decade, Avitecture has delivered a number of AV solutions for this internet giant, including installations in the executive boardroom, auditoriums, creative and conference centers, demonstration facilities, and focus testing labs at various campus sites.


Boeing Secure Conference Room

Avitecture has provided this aerospace and technology leader with a number of AV solutions, including a secure conference center, simulation labs, and custom installations in several management offices.



Avitecture has provided this government services company with conference and demonstration centers, executive boardrooms, videoconference facilities and technology labs for more than 15 years.


The Gallup Organization's Marketing Room

Avitecture was the AV leader on a design-build team that created this polling organization’s Great Hall, a multi-purpose facility for training, sales, and focus testing.


National Association of Realtors's Boardroom

This landmark green building overlooks the US Capitol. Its floor-to-ceiling windows and boat-shaped profile presented Avitecture with daunting design challenges. Avitecture’s solutions have proven both elegant and effective in the stunning boardroom, the multi-purpose event room, the media room, a training facility and multiple conference rooms. Since the original installation, Avitecture has provided NAR with several AV system upgrades and expansions.

See Extensive AV Complements NAR’s "Green" HQ Blog Article.

download (16).jpg

National Republican Congressional Committee's Conference Room

Avitecture’s automated satellite broadcast television studio, built specifically for the National Republican Congressional Committee, allows Representatives to reach constituents across the nation.


Raytheon's Auditorium

Avitecture has provided this leading defense contractor with auditoriums and videoconferencing facilities all along the Eastern Seaboard.


Scitor's Lobby

As the primary AV integrator for this high-tech government defense contractor, Avitecture has provided presentation conference centers and a video simulation room, as well as the complete build out of their AV facilities at the new corporate headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia.


US Government Facility/Monitoring Facility

Avitecture was asked by this United States Federal Agency to design and install a Coordination Center to monitor the national security status of the United States. This 24/7 facility houses six United States security agencies that monitor the terrorism threat level.


Washington and Lee University's Lecture Hall

Avitecture equipped all of the classrooms at Washington and Lee’s business school with multimedia-teaching tools.


Fairfax County, Virginia’s McConnell Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center - Command and Control Center

Avitecture teamed with one of the world’s largest global security and aerospace companies to create the AV systems at the Fairfax County, Virginia’s McConnell Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center (MPSTOC), a model of multi-agency coordination and cooperation. MPSTOC is a partnership between Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia to bring agencies and functions together under one roof to enhance the effectiveness of public safety response, improve traffic congestion management, and better manage the response to and recovery from major emergencies.


Videowalls, Unified Communications and LEED


A federal contractor gave Avitecture an intriguing challenge: design and build environmentally-friendly and easy-to-use videowall systems for two boardrooms in an LEED-certified building.

Avitecture’s elegant solutions for the two boardrooms surpassed the client’s goals.

For the corporate boardroom, the larger space, Avitecture’s solution was a Prysm 190-inch (4.8 m) diagonal videowall with an area of 75 sq ft (6.8 m2) because of its low-energy consumption, brilliant image quality, and powerful interactive features. Because a major design requirement was ease of use for executives leading meetings in the boardroom, Avitecture provided a Crestron control system with multiple touch panels throughout the boardroom to allow users to manage voice, video, room lights, and content. A powerful integrated system, remotely located, provides the intelligence and power to run the corporate boardroom’s displays and electronics. A DigitalMedia 16×16 Matrix Switcher enables a dedicated PC, laptops in the boardroom, CATV, and a Polycom unified collaboration system to be routed to the Prysm videowall. A Biamp AudiaFLEX digital signal processor and an Avitecture Ceiling Disk Microphone system join together deliver clear audio through Soundtube speakers powered by an Extron amplifier.

For the corporate executive conference room, the smaller space, Avitecture chose a 4×2 Planar videowall using 46-inch LCD displays. The videowall provides 50 square feet (4.7 m2) of viewing area. For ease of use in meetings, Avitecture chose a Crestron control system with a touch panel. In a closet behind the videowall is a Crestron DigitalMedia 16×16 Matrix Switcher that enables a dedicated PC in the rack, two laptop locations on the conference room table, CATV, and a Polycom unified collaboration system enables sharing voice, video and content. A Biamp Nexia TC teleconferencing digital signal processor and an Avitecture Ceiling Disk Microphone system together deliver crisp audio through Soundtube speakers powered by an Extron amplifier.