Unparalleled Service, Support and Performance

Avitecture Service provides unparalleled service, support and continuing performance plans. All Avitecture service technicians are required to be CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certified by AVIXA and receive intensive diagnostic and repair training. Our service team is manufacturer-certified to repair and service the equipment and systems we provide.

Technicians carry laptops equipped with wireless access to access system wiring diagrams, programs and drawings on your site from our engineering computer server as well as download software upgrades for shorter maintenance times and for fewer visits. Service and support is available 24/7/365 with response times that meet your needs.

Avitecture Continuing Performance Plans protect your system and ensures continuing productivity. Our Continuing Performance Plans will help assure that your system continues to work successfully, now and in the future. At a minimum all Continuing Performance Plans include Preventive Maintenance Inspections and Unlimited Phone Support.

During these inspections our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians inspect your system and look for any equipment problems. We fine-tune and adjust your equipment to original manufacturers’ specifications. We provide you with a preventive maintenance report, review any discovered deficiencies and, if needed, arrange recommended corrective action. Our preventive maintenance visit assures that your system continues to perform successfully.

These check ups benefit clients because they allow us the opportunity to catch problems before they occur. With each plan you are guaranteed the defined response time. When something does fail, call Avitecture Service and a technician will be at your site within the plans time-line. In the event of equipment failure our technicians will provide a work around if one is available which may include loaner equipment or setting up temporary functionality within your system. Our priority is to be sure that your system and day-to-day AV-IT needs are always available by using our zero down-time methods.

For more information contact our Service Department or call us at 703.404.8900