Video Conferencing

Classrooms, event spaces, startups, government agencies and businesses, all need reliable AV software and videoconferencing technology to communicate instantly with people worldwide. With reliable AV tools, any presentation, meeting, lecture can be successful.

Frequently asked questions about AV videoconferencing and our services:

What is videoconferencing?
A videoconference is a communication system that allows people all worldwide to come together for meetings and discussions. This technology can be as simple as a conversation between two people or as large as an expert’s virtually presenting at a conference to thousands.

What technology is required?
For simple setups, you will only need a microphone, a webcam, and a computer monitor for a successful video conference. With our secure digital platform, you will be able to participate in a conference from anywhere that is convenient to you.

What are the benefits to investing in this service?
There are many benefits to video conferencing.

  • Future-proof your office’s communication system

  • Easy-to-use audiovisual tools

  • Saving time and travel costs

  • The ability to create face-to-face conversation among remote team members

  • Flexibility for employees to work from home

  • Reaching more people at any given time

  • Communicating sensitive data over a secure connection

  • Improving collaboration

What about screen sharing?
Our AV videoconferencing DC packages include screen sharing functions, so that everyone in the meeting will be able to see any screens or documents you’ve shared with the group. You can easily bring up a document and edit it in real-time with everyone involved.

What is a video conferencing bridge and why do I need one?
Our services include a video conferencing bridge, a secure system that is set up to connect many video conferencing systems together into a single platform. This is the way you will connect with others. Once you dial in, you only need a PIN number to connect.

For more information about our services, please see our Comprehensive Menu of Audiovisual Solutions.