Five advantages make Avitecture the clear partner of choice for successful design, integration, service, and support of successful AV systems.

1. Competence through Experience and an Unending Quest for Excellence

AVIXA certification, a status that few companies have met, shows that Avitecture meets or exceeds requirements set forth in ANSI/INFOCOMM standards for the audiovisual industry. The AVIXA APEx program recognizes a company according to the number of employees who hold key industry certifications, including AVIXA’s CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D credentials, completion of continuing education classes, and positive client survey responses. These standards for system design and coordination and for system verification show that Avitecture can facilitate communication throughout a project and, most importantly, can deliver a successful system that will meet our client’s needs.

2.  Professional Staff to Complete Installations on Time and Within Budget

A key benefit of our large, diverse team is that we assign adequate resources to complete projects on time and within budget. Our internal processes and organizational structure enable us to rapidly deploy personnel and equipment to meet project timelines.

3.  Financial Strength

Avitecture has the financial strength and resources to undertake very large projects. We are now in our fourth decade providing professional services. During this time we have built relationships with more than 200 equipment manufacturers and hold the highest creditworthiness in our class.

4.  Service and Support

The Avitecture Service Department provides unparalleled service and support. Our service team is dedicated to the implementation of millions of dollars in support contracts. All Avitecture service technicians are required to be CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certified by AVIXA and receive intensive diagnostic and repair training. Our service department is manufacturer-certified to repair and service the equipment and systems we provide. 

To reduce maintenance times and number of visits, each Avitecture service technician has state-of-the-art laptops, tablets, and electronic communications and measuring devices to access system wiring diagrams and service manuals on your site from our engineering computer server as well as to download software upgrades. 

During preventive maintenance visits, we inspect a client’s system and look for any equipment problems. We fine-tune and adjust your equipment to original manufacturers’ specifications. We provide you with a preventive maintenance report, review any discovered deficiencies and, if needed, arrange recommended corrective action. Our preventive maintenance visit assures that your system continues to perform successfully.

5.  Documentation and Training

Every Avitecture client receives as-built system drawings and manufacturers’ operator’s manuals. System operation manuals are also available.

Avitecture trains clients to operate each system. A system overview is presented followed by a hands-on training session. We can tailor instruction to address your unique needs.